Hi 👋 

My name is Lisa, a serial entrepreneur and a lover of nature, animals, pugs, swimming, flowers (an ex florist actually) and of course travel.

As I have chosen the spirited adventure of choosing an entrepreneurial journey which takes me all over the world, I have also become to be super grateful for what I call the ‘privilege of sleep’. With a mind that never switches off and if forever dreaming of the next big thing, sleep has eluded me for some years, so I decided to something that would naturally help me get those precious Zzzzzzs. … this was when ‘stay calm balm’ was born. 

During the pandemic I had a wonderful chance to reflect and create, but one thing that I really wanted to achieve over this time was to make a positive change and BEE the change I am always preaching to others.
I decided to create a jar using waste from the hive (aka beeswax) and my special patent pending formulation, and I’m so proud that Stay Calm Balm is packaged in my labour of love, my BEEd jar that grows lavender flowers for both our pollinator friends and us to enjoy together.

True story, but I took my first prototype Stay Calm Balm on a 12 hour flight with the view of taking some content photos for future social media for Stay Calm Balm, only to apply the balm which ultimately saw me sleeping for 9 hours of a 12 hour flight!!! This was the moment when I seriously knew I was on to something special.  

Over the past few years I have learnt over this time how resilient I was, and was truly grateful for the love, support and positivity extended to me over this time… so I’ve made a recommitment to myself to spread natural wellness and hopefully help others rest, relax, stop itchy skin and just enjoy every minute of life naturally.

Love and smiles 😊

Lisa and the pugs Boss and Violet x x